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Picturesque words like beautiful, chic and artistic compel verification when bandied about in cruise jargon. With no hesitation the new Celebrity Beyond has made her inaugural splash into the waters of cruising and with undeniable credibility checks all the boxes.

This latest addition to the Celebrity fleet proudly sailed out of Southampton, England for the first time April 27th, flaunting

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State lawmaker to cities: Lift ban on cruising and celebrate

A statewide movement to end cruising bans moves to the state Capitol Monday and lowrider groups from across California, including National City, are sending a collective message to lawmakers: repeal decades-old cruise bans.

The groups have submitted letters in support of an Assembly resolution that urges municipalities with anti-cruise ordinances to lift the bans and work with local car clubs

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Wall Display at the Monument Memorializes Flood Victims,




50-foot wall display will include

interactive elements, visuals, testimonials;

Public invited to June 9 unveiling ceremony

RAPID CITY, SD—The victims of the 1972 Black Hills Flood and Rapid City’s commitment to preserving the community’s greenway created in the floodwater’s path of destruction are now memorialized with the

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Assembly committee OKs resolution encouraging cities to

The state Assembly Transportation Committee on Monday passed a resolution that encourages cities with decades-old anti-cruise ordinances, such as National City, to repeal them and recognize the cruising culture.

Assembly Concurrent Resolution 176, introduced in April by Assemblymember Luz Rivas, D-San Fernando Valley, was approved unanimously and now moves to the full Assembly.

The resolution is a symbolic gesture

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The Texas Abortion Ban Has Turned Clinics Into Travel

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Patients entering the bright third-floor offices of Houston Women’s Reproductive Services used to follow the familiar steps for a routine medical appointment: check in, get your blood pressure taken, have other vitals examined. But for the past nine months, the

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