Acamp furniture is one line of furniture design that is the epitome of form and functionality – on a reduced scale, that is. Most Acamp furniture designs are compact and can easily fit into small nooks and crannies. This does not mean that these signature pieces are only fit for out-of-sight locations. Far from it!

Patio furniture of this kind is extremely stylish; it is almost similar to the table sets seen in high end cafes and bistros. Although there are a few table top designs that come in one hue all throughout, some of these have more exquisite inlaid designs. Choosing a single piece or an entire set of this persuasion is quite easy, as these furniture pieces can blend well (or stand out) in any outdoor design motif.

Examples of the more popular Acamp outdoor set designs include:

The Acamp Alfredo Tea-For-Two Set. This includes a Portorosa Euro Table with a Werzalit finish and encased in a steel frame rim. The table comes in Anthracite and Black Marble effect colors. There are 2 Alfredo padded chairs that come with the set.

The Acamp Mozart Bistro Set. This tea-table-for-two comes with a Werzalit tabletop design in Anthracite and terracotta colors. A pair of stackable Antonio padded chairs complete the ensemble.

There are other outdoor furniture sets utilizing larger table tops, and these usually have parasol holes to accommodate a canopy should you choose to have one. These also come with 4 pieces of seating furniture. Recliners are top favorites, but so are padded armchairs.

Single pieces though are also quite popular among patio furniture enthusiasts. The Acamp Mozart Rectangular Werzalit and Walnut tables are bestsellers. These patio pieces can easily fit into any setting and is sturdy enough to be used as a convenient side table, or as food serving table.