The public can also access an OpenGov web page detailing the City’s use of American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) funds to strengthen neighborhoods and City residents
Link to the contractors/developers ARPA information site
Link to the City’s OpenGov/ARPA information site

Wilmington Mayor Mike Purzycki said today that in addition to the City’s already established OpenGov web page for the public to access current information about the City’s use of American Rescue Plan (ARPA) funds, the City is unveiling an ARPA web page specifically to assist local contractors in obtaining information and participating in ARPA-funded projects.
“When we announced Wilmington’s unprecedented, citywide ARPA-funded neighborhood revitalization effort a few months ago, we pledged to involve as many local contractors and developers as possible in the process of re-building neighborhoods—and especially those who are just building capacity and want an opportunity to help their own City,” said Mayor Purzycki. “We’ve met with many of these skilled individuals already to explain our plans and urge them to participate. Now they have their own web page to keep up with information and projects.”
Mayor Purzycki announced a $21 million residential redevelopment and stabilization plan earlier this year, which is the most ambitious housing and neighborhood plan in the City’s history. The effort includes investments in new construction, full rehabilitation of existing homes, façade, systems and roof improvements for current homeowners, and the demolition of dilapidated and vacant properties.
The first phase of neighborhood redevelopment is underway on the City’s historic east side in an area bounded by Walnut to Church Streets and from Fourth Street to 11th Street. The Mayor said the City will continue to engage the community as it moves forward with the neighborhood plan because local concerns and advice are important to improving the quality of life. The Mayor spoke earlier this year about his vision for neighborhood stabilization and development in a video that can be accessed here
Mayor Purzycki said the City will continue to conduct all ARPA-related business and activities in an open and transparent way and urged City residents and all interested parties to access the City’s OpenGov portal for interesting and detailed information about all City departments.


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