We’re finally here, Loopers; the last week of Fortnite’s Chapter 3, Season 2. The Seven is gearing up for their final attack on the Imagined Order, and our job this week is to help gear up to launch the mech, make sure The Seven’s weapons work, and help Peely finish his driving lessons as a “last minute refresher” that coincidentally comes right before the mech launches. With four total quests, each granting 23,000 XP upon completion, that’s another 92,000 XP waiting to be claimed before the season ends with the Collision event on June 4.

Fortnite Chapter 3, Season 2, Week 11 Resistance Quests

  • (Stage 1/2): Establish Device Uplink near Rocky Reels or The Daily Bugle (1); (Stage 2/2): Activate an emergency beacon at Tilted Towers or Coney Crossroads (1): 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 1/3): Establish Device Uplink near Seven Outpost II or Seven Outpost V (1); (Stage 2/3): Equip the backpack and collect fuel cells near Command Cavern (1); (Stage 3/3): Return the backpack at least half-full to Seven Outpost II or Seven Outpost V (1): 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 1/2): Establish Device Uplink near Camp Cuddle or The Joneses (1); (Stage 2/2): Damage opponents with the MK-Seven Assault Rifle (500): 23,000 XP
  • (Stage 1/3): Establish Device Uplink near Condo Canyon or Logjam Lumberyard (1); (Stage 2/3): Bring a car or truck to any Seven Outpost (1); (Stage 3/3): Drive a car or truck between two Seven Outposts without exceeding a speed of 60 or leaving the vehicle (1): 23,000 XP
These challenges play directly into the Collision finale event coming on June 4.
These challenges play directly into the Collision finale event coming on June 4.

Establishing a Device Uplink is our bread and butter at this point–hit the map markers in the quest tracker and listen to our favorite members of The Seven tell you what to do and where to go.

The emergency beacons are located at Tilted Towers and Coney Crossroads, with one placed at each of the major road entrances/exits to the area. Find one and interact with it to complete The Origin’s quest for this week, and hear him explain how the upcoming battle will be one to remember.

The backpack and fuel cells are unfortunately not in the exact same place, so this one can get a bit tricky, but if you play your cards right, it shouldn’t be too much trouble. There’s a backpack located near the device uplink for this mission, so find it on your map (marked with a white, diamond-shaped exclamation mark) and pick it up. The Imagined will explain the mission further once you’ve grabbed it; we need to find some blue, glowing fuel cells around Command Cavern and return the fully charged backpack to either Seven Outpost II or V. One small caveat–the charge on the pack will deplete as you move. Once you’ve got the backpack charged, try using the vents located around Command Cavern or the fans on the IO Airship to glide your way back to the outpost of your choice and return the pack for a quick way to finish this quest.

Next up, Jonesy wants you to find an MK-Seven assault rifle and take care of some target practice. Find one as ground loot or in a vending machine and get to work–the 500 damage should be pretty easy to rack up with the weapon’s speed, and with the damage not all needing to be dealt in one match, there’s plenty of opportunities to get it done.

Finally, Peely (by way of Jonesy) is requesting a last-minute refresher on driving skills before his next big mission. Find a car or truck somewhere around the map, get in, and head to any Seven outpost. Once you get to the first outpost, you’ll get a new quest notification telling you to head to another Seven outpost, but to keep the speed under 60 and to stay in the vehicle at all costs. Using a controller is best here for speed control, unless any PC players feel like tapping the gas pedal at all times; but either way, keep an eye on the speedometer on the lower right-hand corner of the game’s HUD and make sure that speed doesn’t go over 60. Jonesy will come on the comms and tell you if you’re getting close to 60, so don’t sweat it if you’d prefer to watch the road.

That’s all of the Resistance quests for Chapter 3, Season 2 completed! Well done; if you need some more XP, make sure you’re caught up on last week’s weekly challenges, or if you’d rather take a look at some upcoming content, take a look at some leaks that show what could be coming in the next Battle Pass.

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