Interesting Facts About Amsterdam : Venice of north, Party capital of Europe, Place where all bad boys go, and biker’s capital of world; these are some of the names by which Amsterdam is known all around the world. Here are some of the interesting facts about the fascinating city.

1. The city homes 165 + canals and 1280 bridges, so don’t forget to have a stroll around these canals and to have a canal trip. The city is famously known as the Venice of North.

2. The city is the largest capital of Netherlands and also the nominal capital of Netherlands.

3. The name of the city is derived from ‘ Amstel Dam’. It is a dam built on river Amstel.

4. The city is the sixth largest metropolis of Europe.

5. Like other Professions, Prostitution is also a legal profession in Amsterdam, Prostitutes are also taxed in Netherlands.

6. Photography is strictly prohibited in Red light district, do take special care of this.

7. Rent a Bike, it is the best places in world to do some biking and explore the fascinating city using a Bike. The city is also known as the bike capital of the world. The city houses 1 million plus bicycles.

8. Amsterdam homes 300 plus coffee shops where you can legally buy 5gm of soft drugs per person. Visit Amsterdam most famous Waterlooplein Flea market and don’t forget to do bargaining here.

9. Amsterdam Houses maximum number of Museums per square metre. 40 museums’ including a famous sex museum named temple of Venus.

10. Amsterdam homes the world’s oldest stock exchange.

11. Amsterdam is below sea level. If global warming increases the level of sea, Amsterdam will be one of the first cities to get drowned.

12. Amsterdams has a house boat for Stray cats named.

13. The city homes a Cycle Beer Bar, where you can drink while you ride.