Bangalore welcomes visitors with lush greenery, stunning lakes, captivating temples and historic buildings that promise rewarding experiences for visitors. These attractions promise enriching travel adventures.

Vidhana Soudha, known for its exquisite Neo-Dravidian artistry, is one of the main attractions. It houses both the state legislature and secretariat.

Wonderla is another exciting tourist attraction in the city, providing both relaxing and thrilling rides for visitors of all types. And Cathay Pacific flights are available from Hong Kong to Bangalore for those interested.

Lalbagh Botanical Garden

Lalbagh Botanical Garden in South Bengaluru covers an area of 240 acres, housing numerous exotic trees and plants. It boasts beautiful flower beds, green lawns and lotus pools designed to create an array of colors – creating an appealing scenery for visitors to take pleasure from. Furthermore, Lalbagh also serves as a haven for joggers thanks to numerous walking and jogging tracks in its park.

The garden features an assortment of exotic flora and fauna imported from all corners of the globe. A glass house modeled on London’s Crystal Palace serves as another major draw, hosting annual horticulture shows during January and August each year.

Other attractions in the garden include an eye-catching ‘Flower Clock’ which draws in tourists. Constructed of shrubs and flowers with its dial spanning 7 meters in diameter, its center boasts figurines representing Snow White and her Seven Dwarfs making for an intriguing view for both children and adults.

There is a lovely lake in the southern corner of the garden that provides visitors with a peaceful experience and serves as an excellent spot to take a relaxing walk or take some time away from city life. Additionally, several shops nearby sell snacks, cold beverages and juices.

Lalbagh can be visited throughout the year, but for maximum exploration and comfort it is best to visit during November to March when the climate is relatively cool and easier for exploring its gardens.

Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park lies just on the outskirts of Bangalore and makes for an excellent weekend escape for nature enthusiasts. Home to numerous species such as panthers, cheetahs and squirrels – as well as an animal rescue centre – it has quickly become one of Bangalore’s biggest tourist draws.

The park features several distinct sections such as the zoo, butterfly park and safari. The zoo features many native and exotic animals such as panthers, lions and tigers; visitors may also visit an aquarium and crocodile farm within its confines. A trip to this park would not be complete without visiting its butterfly garden where visitors are amazed to witness hundreds of species flying freely around them!

Attractions within the national park that should not be missed include the Herbivore Safari, covering an area of 68 hectares and providing visitors with an opportunity to see exotic species such as wild boars, nilgai and other antelopes. Furthermore, four water bodies offer constant sources of freshwater for animals living there.

Wildlife in the park is diverse and includes mammals, birds, reptiles and insects as well as an array of trees such as bamboo (Dendrocalamus strictus and Schleichera oleosa), neem (Anogeissus latifolia), Grewia oligantha, sandalwood and talahi trees.

If you want to experience all that a national park has to offer, it is ideal to visit from September to January when the temperatures are at their most comfortable and your chances of seeing lots of wildlife are greater. There are various safari excursions supported by Karnataka State Tourism Development Corporation which make for an unforgettable experience.

Bugle Rock Park

Bugle Rock Park stands out as an incredible park in Bangalore with an exceptional history. Situated less than one kilometre from Lalbagh, this gorgeous space has strong links to local folklore as well as to the early days of Bangalore.

Named for its namesake rock, this park showcases an abrupt rise of peninsular gneiss estimated to be over three millennia old. On top of it all lies an ancient watch tower built by Kempe Gowda I and believed to have served as sentries that would blow a bugle and light a torch (Kannada: panju) to signal safety to other watch towers in the city.

Today, the park features an incredible assortment of trees and plants – from gulmohars and eucalyptus to flying foxes – as well as local fauna such as flying foxes. Additionally, this park is one of the best spots for spotting large Indian fruit bats that inhabit its borders.

Bugle Rock Park is one of the city’s greenest spaces, home to three temples and an amphitheatre which plays host to various cultural, social, and awareness events. Jogging and walking paths are popular with locals while there’s even an open gym available for workout enthusiasts. Furthermore, this park is famed for its statues depicting prominent personalities from Karnataka such as Kempe Gowda I; V K Gokak; Sir Visvesvaraya (engineer statesman); engineer statesman Sir Visvesvaraya; D V Gundappa (litterateur).

Park is a favorite picnic spot and couples from nearby educational institutions often head there on dates. Nearby Dodda Basavana Gudi or Bull Temple houses the world’s largest idol of Nandi, considered an Hindu demi-god.

Snow City

Snow City is one of the top tourist spots near Bangalore. This unique theme park offers activities and attractions you won’t find elsewhere, making it a great spot for birthday celebrations or other special occasions – guests can enjoy rides, attractions and other amenities including an amazing 9D cinematic experience!

This exciting attraction offers an incredible experience for both children and adults of all ages, making a fantastic way to beat the heat all year long. Additionally, the facility features numerous shops and restaurants.

The park, situated at the heart of the city, is a must-visit attraction for visitors to this vibrant metropolis. Boasting sprawling green lawns, large trees, and aesthetic buildings that make for stunning photography opportunities, as well as offering relaxing spots where one can unwind and unwind, this urban oasis should not be missed by any traveller to Cairo.

Snow City features many activities for visitors of all ages to enjoy, such as an ice slide and snowboarding. Furthermore, there is also an interactive game zone featuring dance floors for snow dances, snow mountain climbing, interactive dance floor dances, snow dance floors and snow dance floors. All this makes Snow City an excellent family destination.

Bangalore, located in the southern region of Karnataka, is known for its high-tech industry and many tourist attractions. Home to numerous natural wonders, revered pilgrim spots, cultural and heritage sites as well as wildlife enthusiasts; Bannerghatta National Park provides an excellent opportunity for viewing animals such as elephants, leopards, sambars and wild boars in their natural environments.

Devanahalli Fort

Devanahalli Fort is an ancient citadel in Bangalore that dazzles tourists with its amazing architecture, temples and rich history. As one of the top spots to visit in Bangalore – whether a history lover, family on vacation or passing through town – Devanahalli is worth seeing and is one of the must-visits for all visitors to the city. It boasts an illustrious past as well as intricate carvings that make this fort an exquisite structure worth discovering.

Mallabairegowda originally built this fort in 1501 but over time its ownership changed several times before Tipu Sultan eventually took control. Once known as Mallabairegowda’s Fort, its title changed several times until finally falling under his rule as Tipu Sultan assumed ownership in 1856. Witness to numerous battles, this fort is steeped in culture with numerous monuments dedicated to Tipu Sultan (known as “Tiger of Mysore”) including his monument, comprising six foot tall enclosure supported by pillars with stone top. Surrounding it are banana, tamarind and mango plantations.

Other attractions at Fort Gregor include a temple dedicated to Siddalingeshwara and Chandramouleshwara; each featuring inner prakaras crafted in Vijayanagara style with an inverted Shiva Linga located within their respective sanctum sanctorum. Furthermore, many wars were fought on its premises and their walls are covered with graffiti as a testament of such battles fought on its soil.

Forts might not get as much attention as palaces and gardens, but they remain fascinating sights. From elaborate carvings and picturesque temples, forts are the ideal weekend destination for the entire family, offering scenic hill-top views, trekking opportunities and much more.

Visit this historic fort during the day for optimal viewing of its various temple ruins and breathtaking fortress. Open round-the-clock and free entry, this historic fort makes an excellent stopover!